Get to know the Beehive team!


1) Nickname: Dolly.

2) Position: Queen Bee.

3) Fashion Spirit Animal: Alessandro Michele, he gets that there is just something about putting a pineapple on it

4) Three things you can’t live without:

      1 – Our greyhound Aqua Girl

      2 – Family time on the water, particularly while cruising on my mom’s restored pink Duffy

      3 – Sunday nights cooking up some sort of mess (usually spaghetti) with my husband, Stewart

5) Life Mantra: Just have a nice time. Be nice, be you. And don’t be a snob, they’re dated.

6) Random Fact: I once won 2nd place sailfish in the Texas Women’s Anglers Tournament.



1) Nickname: Rach.

2) Position: Beehive Manager.

3) Fashion Spirit Animal: Cher in every way. Girls got it.

4) Three things you can’t live without:

      1 – Tacos

      2 – My Momma

      3 – Bravo TV

5) Life Mantra: Surround yourself with tacos, not negativity.

6) Random Fact: I’m half Filipino.


1) Nickname: Banana Peel! Because I’m the clumsiest girl you wanna know.

2) Position: Manager of Beehive Houston.

3) Fashion Spirit Animal: Leandra Medine & Brittany Murphy in Uptown Girls – RIP sweet angel

4) Three things you can’t live without:

      1 – My Dog, Famous

      2 – Ru Paul’s Drag Race

      3 – Pinot Noir

5) Life Mantra: “Give me a break”.

6) Random Fact: I’ve had 17 teeth pulled.


1) Nickname: Lil J

2) Position: Beehive Creative Assets Manager.

3) Fashion Spirit Animal: Solange Knowles meets Chloe Sevigny

4) Three things you can’t live without:

      1 – My stuffed animal Scrumps

      2 – The breakfast chalupa at Junes on Congress

      3 – A weekly bath

5) Life Mantra: Any Pizza is a personal pizza if you work hard and believe in yourself.

6) Random Fact: The weird lumpy birthmark on my neck looks like the islands of Hawaii.

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