Interview: Mallory Hublein the Rebel Stylist

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself!?

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas but have been in Austin for over ten years and definitely call it home! I am a stylist and personal shopper and am always trying to work on anything creative that I can get my hands on. I am definitely influenced by many things – I like to think that inspiration is everywhere! Some of my favorite trends at the moment are chokers, body suits and of course vintage Levi’s. For fall, I am excited about rich velvets and anything Asian inspired. Feeling the luxe vibes.

2)  In knowing that you’re a stylist, we are curious and want to know what “style” specifically means to you?

I think style is where fashion, confidence, and authenticity meet. I think that “je nais se quoi” quality is feeling comfortable in your skin and wearing something that makes you feel alive. That is why the word “style” can be translated to so many different looks. Personally, I think a dash of sexiness is always in the recipe when I notice someone with great style.

3) How did you first get into styling? Was it always something you always wanted to do?

My Mom was a personal shopper in Dallas, so I grew up with fashion as part of my everyday. My Mom had a real practical sense about her style that I think is definitely still with me today. As I started to get older, I knew I wanted to go into the fashion world but was not sure exactly where I wanted to be. I went to UT for Textiles and Apparel Design and had a lot of fun designing collections and wedding gowns and making clothes for my friends and I to wear. I have experiences in almost every facet of the fashion industry from retail, to buying, to designing, to runway shows and more. Styling is where I have found to have the most freedom with my ideas and with my time, plus I get to use all the experience and skills I have gained in a creative way.


4) We know you spent some time working in New York. Can you tell us about that experience? How did it shape you as a person & stylist?

Yes, after graduation I packed up my apartment and moved to NYC to work in the design world. It was definitely a really great experience all around. I interned for amazing designers such as Doo.Ri and Isaac Mizrahi before ultimately landing a position with Anne Klein. I always say New York is the highest highs and lowest lows. It is so cool to design a piece of clothing and see the whole process take shape including moving into full production! It was also a lot of work and long hours. I saw the sacrifices that a lot of the senior designers were making in their personal lives and thought I am not sure if this is where I see myself down the road. But the beautiful thing about life is that all these twists and turns are all on the path of where you are supposed to end up.

5) What is the most challenging part about being a stylist?

Sometimes it is just juggling all of the opinions and expectations on a creative project. Fashion is so subjective in a really great way! As a stylist, it is my job to bring a fresh approach to the project while balancing the needs of my clients while also taking into account the taste and likes of the customers or audience. It is often just about finding a balance between all of those areas while also knowing just the right moments to take risks and be a bit daring!

6) Aside from styling, we know that you collect, sell, and revamp vintage denim (we absolutely love what you do). Can you tell us how you got into that? What was it about denim that drew you in?

Vintage denim is definitely a personal passion of mine. I have always been a big fan, but over the last year I started watching documentaries about the history of denim and doing more research and absolutely fell in love with the story. I quickly found myself starting to collect every pair I could find. What I love most is that each pair really does have its own story. From the wallet wear, to the natural whiskering on the thighs or wear on the hem – you can tell so much about the person who owned them and the life they lived. Each rip, repair, stain or frey is so unique and adds so much beauty and character to each pair.

7) You seem to do it all! What is next in line for the Rebel Stylist?

Ooh, good question! Hehe, I have dreams of living in a warehouse and waking up every day to work on a new creative project! Luckily I married someone who has similar dreams, so I am pretty sure we are not going to stop until that happens.

8) Who does your dream team consist of? Whether it was a photo shoot, event, runway show…who would you want to work with. Photographer, make-up artist, creative director, specific models, etc etc! And why?!

I am a huge fan of the photographer Michal Pudelka. He is always making gorgeous images with groups of models all dressed similar or with a similar vibe. I would love to collaborate and style a shoot with him!

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