Things We Love: October 2016

1. Solange Knowles – A Seat At The Table. The goddess of color blocking and all things visuals, blessed us with another masterful piece of artwork. We are having one of those, “we are not worthy” moments where you’re barely breathing and most likely not, not crying. If you haven’t listened, do yourself a favor and get to it! – – – > Listen here – – – > Watch here & here.

Source: Tumblr

2. Velvet. Talk about a comeback kid. We all gasped with excitement and like children on x-mas morning when the fabric surprised us on just about every single runway last season. With that being said, if you need any of us you can find us feelin’ ourselves (literally) well into winter.

Source: Elle Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

3. Kitty Cohen’s: Speaking of cooler temperatures, who wouldn’t automatically think of the number one way to stay warm in the winter? DRINKING. The one spot that has us catching a buzz while living in an endless summer, is none other than Kitty Cohen’s. This place is dripping in flamingo wallpaper, the beach boys, tropical drinks, and yes, there happens to be a POOL on the back patio. This place is legitimately the dive-bar manifestation of Beehive. Now go bundle up, pour up, and warm up *clink*.

4. Photographer Michal Pudelka: It wasn’t until after we interviewed stylist extraordinaire & Beehive bestie, Mallory Hublein, that we learned about the incredible and awe-inspiring photographer, Michal Pudelka. His eye for flawless group compositions and perfectly executed color stories has us green with photographic envy. Eye-catching and heart thumping imagery, right this way!

Image Source: Michal Pudelka Offical Website.

5. Houston Texas. Lately, I’ve noticed that A LOT of people are quick to dog on Houston. This phenomenon happens more often than not, and it actually makes our brain hurt. As the 4th largest city in the U.S. it is filled with a versatile (and delicious) food scene, a museum district that kills, insane shopping (from vintage to high end), and also happens to now house to our newest Beehive brick-and-mortar. If that alone doesn’t make the city amazing, then the problem lies within yourself *snaps fingers in a Z formation*!  No seriously, get in your car and check this city out, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that there is more than meets the eye.


6. Sex in the City Inspired Halloween Costumes. 1) It’s October and in the fashion world that means you and your girl gang have been planning since August. 2) This is a brilliant idea because Clueless costumes are officially a thing of the past/extremely over done *yawn*. 3) You can probably DIY the hell out of any of the characters. 4) You’re welcome.

For inspiration please do yourself a favor and follow @everyoutfitonsatc

 7. The Charlotte Olympia SS17 fashion show: Need we say more……..

*Also, we are extremely aware that this happened in September and not October. We just really can’t stop thinking about it, OKAY.*

8. This Meme: 1) BECAUSE WE CAN’T STOP LAUGHING 2) We also can’t help but think of Aqua Girl when we look at this. Don’t know who Aqua Girl is?  Click here to learn a little more about Beehive’s official/unofficial mascot.

Image Source:

9. Boy Smells Candles: Creators David Kien & Matthew Herman, otherwise known as candle magicians, curated the perfect set of scents that both you and your boyfriend (or girlfriend) can enjoy together. Why would someone do that, right? BECAUSE, couples who smell together stay together. *DUH*. No seriously, these candles are actually the perfect blend of both masculine and feminine. With scents like Kush, Gardener, and Ash these bad boys make the ultimate gift for the people in our lives who’s apartments might smell like a foot. Oh, and did we mention you can shop Boy Smells at Beehive Houston AND Beehive Ft. Worth? Tell your nostrils we said, “you’re welcome.”

Image Source:

10. This Style God: GOALS! *drops mic*.

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