Fashion Month Favorites


New York

Carolina Herrera: Have you ever looked at something and felt that you possessed all the necessary skills and equipment to play a solid round of cricket in the backyard of your Hamptons home?! Oh, and your Hamptons home is also home to an impressive collection of contemporary still life paintings because your father is a notable critic?! Well, that’s exactly what happened to us when our eyes fell upon Carolina Herrera’s Spring 2018 collection. One bold silhouette after the next impeccable pattern and we just about lost all sensation in our toes.

– – –

Marc Jacobs: If I were a model, this would be the only ready-to-wear collection that I’d be more than ready-to-wear off the runway and on my way home. The show was a Crayola colored dreamscape filled with sequins, sandals (not a single heel) and silk turbans. The retro patterns and motifs to previous, career starting silhouettes and textures seemed to come out of what would be a modern-day Slim Aarons photograph. We also have to mention that not a single song was played until closing, leaving the audience with nothing but clanking beads, squeaky soles and creaking wood as their song. It’s as if the clothes were given the opportunity to talk with the audience. Oh, the DRAMA.

– – –

Juicy Couture: You know us, we love a good comeback kid. This season’s surprising revival? Juicy mother-effing Couture. Yup, you’re reading that correctly and yes, they came back with vengeance. Their execution of couture meets comfort was so flawless we almost forgot what show we were even looking at. Guess it doesn’t hurt that the early 2000’s and it’s thirst for retro, rainbow textiles is currently on trend.


Shrimps: What happens when a Lime and a Muppet procreate?! The Shrimps Spring 2018 collection, that’s what. Let’s stop and have a moment of silence for…THIS GREEN. When previewing the collection, this color was such a breath of fresh air. While orange is yes, on the come up, we loved that this color threw a wrench in upcoming trends. We applaud Shrimps on their original pattern execution and brilliant use of neon-hued color blocking. Oh, wait, one more moment of silence…this time, for the fuzzy monster flats. 

– – –

Mother of Pearl: 1) The name of the label 2) The. Pillow. Purses. We took one look at those damn pillow purses and knew this was a match made in nap enthusiast heaven! Not to mention, the opening head-to-toe floral look was extremely impressive, seeing that they went completely unnoticed while fabric sourcing my grandmother’s curtains. Mother of Pearl was one of those shows that reminded us why we love London Fashion Week so damn much. It is here that we find new, innovative designers. Without a doubt, the reigning fashion capitals sweat in anticipation for what’s going to appear on these now influential runways.

– – –

Christopher Kane: A collection that is sure to have us feeling ourselves up…only because the textures are so expansive and versatile. From rich, elevated satins to stringy, child-like yarn this collection definitely took a few notes when reading the encyclopedia of touch. Christopher Kane, we applaud you for not only having a #SoBeehive show but in your ability to create such a cohesive yet metamorphic collection. This show tells a story from beginning to end, cliffhangers included.

*Also, Christopher, we will take one of each clown-sized neckties, please and thank you.


Prada: When you land on this brilliant of a theme, timing plays a huge role in its success. Luckily, Prada hit the hammer RIGHT on the nail. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, 2017 was and still is the year of ultimate girl power. With box office grand slam, Wonder Woman to Time Magazine’s “Firsts” covers, we celebrated the female heroine in big ways this year. Prada’s take on militant, female-fueled comic-book heroes made for an exceptionally on trend (if you will) theme. Believe me when I say that I would rock a super suit under any and all of these looks. Not to mention, Prada used the works of female cartoonists/manga illustrators as the show’s backdrop. One more spoonful of “kickass female energy”, please!

– – –

Versace: Damn Donatella, giving us major things to *ugly* cry about. 1) THE SUPERS. Talk about a moment that made our hearts fall directly out our asses. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Well, I guess it’s time to crawl out from under that rock you’ve been living under. 2) Speaking of the supers, Cindy Crawford, walked the show alongside her daughter and if that alone doesn’t send more iconic chills down your spine then you literally have no soul. 3) The patterns, silhouettes and shows overall presentation was so reminiscent of the late Gianni that we just about lost our marbles throughout the flawlessly executed tribute. Versace’s 20th-anniversary show did not miss a single beat.

– – –

Marni: Call us immature, but this show featured many booty-positive looks. More literally the silhouettes were shapely, leaving lots of room for some serious ass growth. Who doesn’t want that and a side of potato salad? Another thing that we so obviously gabbed over was the all the granny motifs sprinkled throughout the collection. From couch florals to smokey pearls, the show featured everything Sue from next door would love to re-incorporate into her wardrobe. We even read that the inner lining of the jackets and pockets were taken into account. These details, though expected, are often forgotten about in many ready-to-wear collections. So thank you for that, Marni. Thank you for remembering that pockets have feelings just like the rest of us.


Chloe: Being from Texas, it would be a damn shame if we didn’t include a show that featured Western vibes with little notes of boho-chic sprinkled throughout. No matter the season fridge, “flowly” and florals are definitely on the menu in the Lone Star State. We got our, what we like to call, Woodstock-Hick-Fix on at this year’s Chloe Spring 2018 showcase. Chloe perfectly blended western with country club and boho with business, making our home-state-dreamscape that much more regal. If you’re looking for something that says, “I grew up in Seguin, went to college in Austin and now live in Dallas” this is the collection you’ve been desperately searching for.

– – –

Dries Van Noten: Throughout the season, many designers often mentioned that they wanted to utilize their garment making capabilities to produce something beautiful, something good as a sort of response to these trying, almost bleak times. Just because our current state of affairs is rocky, doesn’t mean that fashion has to be? Right? Right! Dries Van Noten’s S/S 2018 collection did just that! The collections colorscape of mouth-watering hues and clash of unhinged patterns re-instilled, in us, the idea that fashion can still be fun. Fashion is a day-dream, an escape from reality, an armor that reflects our, “you can’t get me down” attitude. Remember, when the times get tough, you can still get up and get dressed. Can I get an amen? AMEN!

– – –

Valentino: Where do we begin?! First, this show took our breath away. Second, this show took our breath away to such an extent that, when it was all said and done, we needed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The collection, which started off a little sporty and utilitarian, a fresh and never-been-done-before move for the house, immediately had us at the edge of our seat. From there, through the strategic use of glitter and sequins, the collection took another wild turn for a more woodland fairy meets (maybe) Disney princess vibe. All I’m saying is that this shows transition was as legendary as it was strategic. Including this one on our list of fashion-month faves was a, “duh.” Seriously, you gotta see this thing for yourself. 






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