The ACL Style Guide

Style Guide 

What’s festival season without buying yourself a little something new?! Luckily this years line-up is full of some of our favorite, current trends. At Beehive, we always pick garments that transition seamlessly from your festival get-up to your everyday wardrobe. Sit back and relax cause we went ahead we took care of the hard part. Now all you have to do is get dressed and head for Zilker.

Oh, and we’re coming at you with a double whammy. This post not only works as a style guide but also as a semi-survival guide. Here you’ll also find a list of some of our go-to, local hot spots. Not only will you tackle ACL in style, but you’ll find yourself leaving a little more of an Austinite.

1. Bell Sleeve or Bust: From Woodstock to Coachella, the bell sleeve has stood the test of time and lucky for you, the trend works well outside the festival circuit. Investing in a good bell-sleeve is key, as you’ll wear the look well beyond the final set list. Here are our favorites:

Left: Ruffle All Around Dress – Pairs perfectly with our Red Boots.

Right: On The Spot Top – Pair perfectly with our High Waisted Denim Shorts.

2. Kimonos At Sundown: Weather-wise, October is a confusing month. Daytime highs reach well into the 80s and nighttime lows can hit the coolest of 60s. Stuff this sucker in a backpack (it’ll squeeze into many) and keep cool as the sun makes its way past the Honda stage.

We’d wear our Floral Kimono with our Scrunchie Top and Millennial Pink Shorts or Tied Up White Dress.

3. Skirts vs. Swamp-Crotch: Repeat after me, “BREATHING ROOM,” lots and lots of breathing room. Huge crowds and high temps are no matches for swamp crotch. Avoid the mess by giving your legs some much-needed air flow. Here are our top picks:

Left: Outta Here Wrap Skirt – Pairs perfectly with our Polka-Dot Bodysuit.

Right: Matchy-Matchy Full-Length Skirt – Pairs perfectly with our Matchy-Matchy Tie Top.

4. Dress It Up: 1) Reminder: BREATHING ROOM – *reference #3.* 2) Getting ready when your outfit is literally one piece of fabric is what we like to call, “a piece-of-cake. “Pro Tip: you can never go wrong with the classic dress + desert boot combo, just sayin’.

Left: Seeing Stars Dress – Pairs perfectly with our White Sneakers.

Right: Polka-Dot Bell Sleeve Dress – Pairs perfectly with our Studio 54 Sunnies.

5. Sunnies > Makeup: Without a doubt, you’ll sweat off your makeup before the midday headliners, so just go ahead and ixnay the foundation. Instead, keep your face looking fresh and overall eye health 100 with our selection of on-trend, UV protectant sunnies. Pro Tip: If you’re going to go with ANY makeup, go with some festival face paint. Get yours done at our Beehive Pool Party at the Austin Motel – RSVP here.

Left: Ocean View Sunnies – Pairs well with just about everything on our site

Right: Rose Colored Glasses – Pairs well with just about everything on our site.

6. Romp(er) Around: Toddlers got it SO right with onesies that we went ahead and carried the trend with us into adulthood. Enter the romper, our favorite alternative to dressing like an adult baby. Keep things on the simpler, comfier, cuter side by sliding into our selection of fuss-free options.

Left: Corduroy Buckle Romper – Pairs perfectly with our Polka-Dot Bodysuit.

Right: Lotus Flower Romper – Pairs perfectly with our BBW Stevie Loop Earrings in Poppy-Red.

7. The Classic Crop: The more skin the better…especially in this heat. We’ve got everything your midriff currently has on its wish list! Pair your cropped frock with some high waisted shorts, add a kimono and you’re set for the stage!

Left: Matchy-Matchy Tie Top – Pairs perfectly with the Matchy-Matchy Full-Length Skirt.

Right: Striped Tube Top – Pairs perfectly with our Fray This Way Denim Skirt.

8. Chip Clip: Keep long (or short) hair up and out of the way with this plastic, jaw clip – the perfect alternative to a hair tie. The best part? Absolutely no hair creases.


Shop the Chip-Clip here.

9. We’ve got your Back…Pack: This goes without saying…backpacks are a festival ESSENTIAL. That is all.

Left: Baggue Backpack in Camper Green – Pairs well with everything on our site.

Right: Metallic Backpack – Pairs well with everything on our site.

10. Elevate With Accessories: Keeping things on the simple side?! We don’t blame you, babe. Elevate your look instantly with Beaded By W’s Fall collection, which features earrings so good others won’t even notice you didn’t try.

Left: Stevie Loop in Mustard Yellow – Pairs well with our Striped Tube Top.

Right: Stevie Loop Earrings in Poppy Red – Pairs well with our Crinkle Sleeve Mustard Dress.

Welcome to Austin

What’s a festival without some sightseeing, a couple happenings, a lot of food and some touristy shopping!? Tackle Austin’s biggest weekend like a local with our guide of go-to stops. 

1. Beehive x Austin Motel Pool Party: Not sure if you heard, but Beehive is throwing THE ACL event to top all ACL events in the history of all ACL related events (try saying that three times fast). Mark your calendar and gather all your besties because if you miss out on this you’re looking at a one-way ticket to fomo town. Head to the Austin Motel on October 6th, between 11am-2pm, for food, fun and an exclusive Beehive shopping experience. Yes, there will indeed be free alcohol. Pro Tip: Insta-story from our event for a chance to snag some serious discounts. RSVP here


2. Ai Weiwei’s Forever Bicycles: Did you really leave town and go to a music festival if you didn’t snag a pic in front of the cities the most Insta-worthy spot?! Move over, “I love you more” graffiti,  cause there’s a new, more popular photo-op in town. Chinese artist and activist, Ai Weiwei recently made Austin home to his Forever Bicycles installation and sculpture. In-person this thing is as mind-altering as it is in photos. You gotta see this thing to believe it. Oh and don’t forget to snag a pic…or 35, because the angles on this thing are nuts. Pro Tip: This spot looks killer during sunup/sundown. Directions here


3. Stop off at Steel City Pops: Looking for a sweet, delectable treat?! Craft popsicles made with organic, locally sourced ingredients in creative flavors?! Check out the trailer that’s walking distance from ACL Fest’s Barton Creek Entrance. 1720 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704. When it comes to popsicles, do you go creamy or fruity? Beehive = fruity, but you already knew that. Pro Tip: Be a sweetie and buy one for your friend…she’ll think you’re being nice, but let’s face it, you did it so you could try more that one flavor. 


4. The Barbarellas Dancefloor: Because let’s be real, during ACL weekend the party doesn’t have to stop once you’ve made your way past Zilker and down Barton Springs. Stuff your crew into an Uber and head straight for Austin’s favorite dance floor, Barbarellas. Known for their themed nights and eclectic playlists, this is THE spot for cheap drinks and a late night boogie-woogie. Pro Tip: The bar in the back patio is always the least crowded.


5. Tesoros Trading Co: If you’re from out of town, we don’t doubt that you’ll make your way down South Congress. This is especially true if you’re making a pit stop at our Pool Party (reference #1). If there’s one place to shop before hitting the road home, we recommend Tesoros. The trading company is a retail distributor of folk arts, crafts, and traditional items from well over 20 countries and trust us when we say you could be in there for hours. Pro Tip: The selection of decorative fans are ideal for keeping cool in festival crowds.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 2.08.19 PM

6. Chow Down At Counter Cafe: Belly rumbling?! Begging for some much-needed fuel?! Well, we’ve got just the local spot! Enter Counter Cafe, our favorite little hole in the wall diner, and when we say little we MEAN little. Though often packed, this place is well worth the wait. Pro Tip: If you find that there’s a long stretch of hours before your desired setlist, skip the fest and hit up this joint. Crowds definitely die down around mid-day. Oh, and here’s the menu (warning drooling may or may not occur while reading).


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