Interview: Blogger Grace McClure

Interview: Blogger Grace McClure

Grace or “Gracie” as we like to call her, went from being a Beehive shopper to a Beehive babe to Austins newest, up and coming blogger faster than you can say “she does it all and then some.” Before her official Launch Party (at Beehive of course) this Friday, we sat down with the talent and talked all things style and a few things “weirdness.” Get to know the name behind your new favorite blog, Grace McClure.

1. Tell us a little bit about who you are?

My name is Grace McClure. (My name is also Gracie McClure depending on who you are, and I am deeply sorry about that. You can call me Grace or Gracie, I am not in charge of you. But it is most important to know that I am NOT the Grace McClure that is the Australian bikini model… Google it.) I’m Austin, Texas born and raised and graduated from Ole Miss with a degree in marketing. (Shocking!!) I love traveling, writing, and discovering fashion and beauty buys for the average college girl (or the average just-out-of-college-and-can-I-go-back-slash-why-am-I-suddenly-in-a-pantsuit girl).


Gracie wears our Ruffle All Around Dress. Shop here.

2. Who is your biggest style icon? Why?

I’ve always loved Leandra Medine. She’s more of a life icon than a style icon. I’ve been reading her blog, Man Repeller, since it came out in 2010. I was in high school at the time *shudder* and was mesmerized by the high fashion Medine was unafraid to wear. The reason I say she is also a life icon is that she refuses to let caring about fashion reduce anyone’s intellect – and we need a whole lot more of that. Also, she helps me feel better about being fatally sarcastic.

3. Tell us a little bit about your blog? Why did you start it?

I started the blog as a way to chronicle my fashion and life choices. And that probably sounds risky but that’s only because it is – I’m still pretty young and am, so far, terrible at adulting and should hardly even count as a fully functioning human person. So this should be fun. But I will say – as far as the purpose of the blog goes, I’m a very visual person. Viewing things like fashion, home, travel, design, life, in an organized portfolio, like a blog is such a unique normality today. Everyone has a “brand” so to speak. And organizing personal things like your style, beauty, food, home, even your personality, and tone into a blog is a very interesting summarization of yourself. I guess I enjoy chronicling and visualizing those personal decisions into an archive.

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4. What sets your blog apart from others?

That’s always the goal, isn’t it! Making something new and fresh and exciting. But let’s be honest. I didn’t invent blogs. I wasn’t the first to pair up a Kelly Wynne snakeskin bag with a white poof sleeve off-the-shoulder top and boyfriend jeans and waltz my little self over to Tiny Boxwoods to fake eat a cookie for a gram (and then pulverize a million cookies and put the cameras away because no one needs to see that sort of demolishment). I’m certainly not the only one to write sarcastically and make fun of myself online. So, I suppose I’ll stand out by either my infectious fashion choices that sweep you off your feet (off your feet!) or maybe my ridiculous personality will win you over… Seriously though, we’re all different for a reason and whatever combination of traits and variables we are built with, is unique. So to answer your question, finally, the blog is as different as I am. And I’m pretty weird so stay tuned….

5. What trends are you most excited to talk about?

Should come at no surprise, the trends and style that will be on the blog will reflect my stage of life, duhhh. Right now, I am working in v corporate America. (So corporate that saying “v corporate” is v inaprop. And abbreviating everything isn’t cool.) So lots of the trends I’m excited to talk about are ones that are approp for my everyday life. I look to icons like Fashion Jackson for work inspiration. And my weekend wear is often more funky, although I’m still a very simplistic dresser, I love the ‘fits that Pandora Sykes puts together. The trends I’m most excited about for fall are the Phunky (yes, with a capital P) prints. They’re insane and I love them. I’m also crushing way too hard on fanny packs. But seriously, look at this. (p.s. I’ll call you when I can spend a grand on a fanny pack.) I’m also big, like huge, on taupe/tan. Marianna Hewitt does it so well. Tan could really go for all seasons but it’s getting more popular as we transition into fall. Especially living in Texas where it’s basically just summer and then every other season (aka those two days in December) is called “not summer.” I want to wear deep reds everyday but it’s kind of impossible when it’s still 96 degrees outside.


Gracie wears our Polka-Dot Bell Sleeved dress. Shop here.

6. What is the oldest thing in your closet? The newest?

Oldest – My mom’s scarves from the 70’s. I always wear a little low bun at work because I mess with my hair like a crazy person. I love wrapping my bun with my momma’s old neck scarves. Newest thing!! My new navy silk jumpsuit from Beehive that I’m wearing on Friday at the “After Hours” blog launch party!

7. How has your style changed since entering the “adult” world?

I’ve always been a simplistic dresser. I love classic neutrals and don’t douse myself in lots of jewelry. I just wear my huggie earrings from EF Collection and a gold choker and I’m good on accessories. My style hasn’t changed much except for getting a tad more conservative. Apparently, they don’t let you show your sternum in corporate America.

8. Juggling a blog and a career is a lot. How do you stay organized?

I love lists. I will make a list for the day and add things that I have already done just so I can cross it off because I’m that mental. Every day I make a list on Evernote of things I need to get done. And if I don’t get it done I move it to the next day… So eventually it’ll get done right? Wrong. I’ve been meaning to call my aunt in California for 6 months now.

Gracie paired our Be Nice Pullover with our Ready For This Jelly Purse in red. Shop here and here.

9. What three items in your purse can you not live without?

Sunglasses. (I’m a sunglass whore and I’m proud.) P.s. this will be my next pair but I can’t afford it….  @mom @dad :). These chip clips (for your hair!!) to make the perfect bun or messy half up half down when my locks start bugging me in the middle of the day. And Glossier lip gloss. I am obsessed. Mainly because my face and skin and hair are all one color so I’m just a walking blob so you have to put a little shine on. My mom always says that she can’t tell where my lips stop and start because they have no color naturally. (She can’t help that she’s honest).

10. What’s the dorkiest thing about you?

I watch Family Feud every night and I have a strange love for pedestrian bridges. 

– – –

Feel like you know already know Gracie?! Girl, same. Get to know her IRL this Friday at her After Hours Blog Launch Party. Consider this your official invite. Also, limited amounts of swag bags available so prep to get there early. RSVP here.



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