Beehive Pool Party 2017


Left: Yup, that’s a #SoBeehive vinyl on a heart-shaped floaty. Nope, the vinyl did not slip off mid-party leaving nothing but floating letters in the pool.

Right: If you needed us this past weekend, we were deff in this exact spot.

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Some Beehive bums chillin’ poolside.

Left: Blogger babe and ultimate Beehive ambassador, Adriana (@thegoldatlas), was our social host for the extravaganza. Shop Adriana’s glasses here.

Right: Talk about an iconic party entrance.

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Violet was all smiles…and star stickers. Shop her glasses here.

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Your eyes do not deceive you, those are indeed pineapples in the pool.

Left: Acacia Erhardt sipping on some complimentary punch. If you’re wondering, yes, it was delicious.

Right: Apparently our pineapples were also a good tool for a quick bicep workout.

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A #SoBeehive bar set-up.

Left: Beehive babe, Kelsey looked pool party/Austin motel ready in her red two-piece suit. If you’re racking your brain trying to figure out why she looks so familiar, it’s because she was in our end-of-summer lookbook.

Right: Glamor shot of our summer punch. *recipe indeed includes Topo Chico*

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Is it really a party without balloons?!

Left: Our “elevated” festival face paint options.

Right: Beehive babe Bella went with one of our “color-block” looks.

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When people say “goals,” this is what they mean.

Left: Austin blogger and Beehive ambassador, Gracie McClure looking stellar in her silk scarf-tie-top (say that three times fast) while sipping on some summer punch.

Right: Carly’s face was literally our face when we found out that our party got extended through Saturday. Shop her glasses here.

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Being decal happy is a very real phenomenon.

Left: Pool party musts: 1) poolside chillin’ 2) most importantly, NO DIVING.

Right: How much more fabulous can Beehive babe and Ambassador Coordinator, Camille, really be?!

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Yes, we painted real fruit. Some might call us extra, we just call ourselves innovative and, dare we say, crafty?!

Left: Our special, surprise guest *insert random dogs name here*. If you have leads please email us at

Right: I’m sure you’re thinking, “chill with the pineapples already.”

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Is it really a Beehive party without a lil shopping?! Oh yes, we gave people an exclusive, first look at our fall collection.

Left: Beehive Houston Momager looking STELLAR in her momager fish pants.

Right: This weekend, when words failed, fans spoke.

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OG Beehive babe and model, Joy Cross, doing what she does best a.k.a looking chic as ever in her one piece and thrifted finds. Shop her super cute Jelly Bag here

Left: Beehive ambassador and blogger babe Channing Baker (@thechanchic) literally on the go. First stop? Our pop-up shop of course!

Right: Again, what’s a Beehive pool party without an OG manager photo op.

Left: In the words of Major, “you may say I’m too much but are you enough?”

Right: Ricky finalizing his ACL look via our face paint station.

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We’re not laugh, you’re laughing.

Left: OG Beehive babe, Whitney Woodard of Beaded by W looked fab in one of our festival proof fanny packs.

Right: If you didn’t notice, everything about this party was #SoBeehive

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A huge thanks to the Austin Motel for being our host!










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