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1. @coco_pinkprincess: Here’s something that’ll surely have your ovaries doing the Harlem Shake. Her name is Coco, her handle is @coco_pinkprincess and her style game is CLEARLY unmatched. Oh, and she’s six (insert mind-splosion). To top it off, her parents own a vintage shop in Harajuku. Coco is definitely on our style-watch list. She might even be at the top, I mean, if this is her style game at 6…image her at 12…18…98. Just sayin’. 

2. Puffy Jackets: Looking like a cream puff is officially on the style menu, and for good reason. While yes, some costumey coats look effortlessly cool, they just don’t do the damn job. It’s 2017 and with athleisure still a thing, it’s clear that sometimes practicality can indeed come out on top. We’re looking for something large, preferably filled with down feathers and has the ability to block out any and all oncoming winds. While we might have Balenciaga (a house, who as of late, has redefined the style game) to thank, we can’t ignore the fact that the Michelin Man did it first. You go, Mr. Man, this is your MOMENT!

3. Dry Ice: Are you really adulting in October if you aren’t playing with dry ice?! Keep things witchy and extremely impressive by adding a little solid carbon dioxide (a.k.a dry ice) to your party cocktail. Here is a recipe we tested via Style Estate:  

1.5 oz Absolut Citron

0.75 oz Cointreau

0.5 oz White cranberry juice

0.5 oz Pomegranate syrup

Muddled with two limes

Add dry ice to garnish

*Important to note* It takes about five pounds of dry ice 24 hours to sublimate in a cooler. Instead, the best thing to do is buy the dry ice a few hours before your party, break the ice into small chunks and then wrap them in a towel or two. Use tongs to drop dry ice cubes into your guests’ drinks before serving.

Image Source: Betty Crocker Website

4. Vinyl Everything: With so many people going vegan (we’re talking sans fur and leather) pleather is slowly making its comeback in major, major ways. From vinyl skirts to hats to pants to boots the squeaky fabric is ideal for any and all day-to-night looks. Idk about you, but wearing vinyl instantly makes us feel like Michelle Pfeiffer (as the Catwoman) in the 90s Batman movies, which in our opinion are the best ones.

5. Grace VanderWaal: Nothing pulls on our heartstrings more than extremely young and extremely talented individuals. Enter Grace, the 12-year-old who dominated and won the 11th season of America’s Got Talent a.k.a the perfect prospect for a tear-jerking obsession. She not only has the voice of a baby angel, but she is also backed by Taylor Swift herself. Not to mention, she’s wise beyond her years and talks as if she’s a full-blown grownup, which in itself, is a good enough reason to watch anything and everything this eloquent adult-child does. If this video doesn’t immediately send you Google stalking her then you definitely have no soul and should alert your nearest medical facility.

Image Source: Hollywood Life

6. Baker Boy Hats: Two reasons why we love these noggin toppers. 1) We didn’t realize they were called “baker boy” hats and actually thought “baker boys” was the name of a male rap group (lol).  After realizing that the term “baker boy” was directly tied to this trend, we just about died because up until that moment, we were referring to them as “train conductor hats” or “the hats that Kendall and Bella have been non-stop wearing.” 2) If you’re telling us that bakers once wore these hats then we’re deff buying in because the act of baking, especially bread, is probably the sexiest thing anyone can do for fun. Right? Right. IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have a few of these hats available in-store. Call or text now to place your order! 

7. Kaia Gerber: I mean…how could we not. Kaia was on absolutely every single runway this season and with Cindy Crawford as her mother, we knew this day was a long time coming. Her first (iconic) strut down the runway was Calvin Klein, she joined the Wang squad on Alexander’s guerilla catwalk, closed Marc Jacobs, walking the Burberry show with her brother, strutted alongside her mother in Versace, was a literal flower bouquet at Moschino and to top it off, opened Chanel. Funny thing is, that isn’t even half of what she accomplished last month. While she was at it, she debuted her new Omega watch campaign that her ENTIRE FAMILY also stars in. Safe to say that Kaia is living up to the whole fashion-family-royalty thing, seeing that she reached super model status in just one damn season. Can we also talk about THAT WALK?!

8. Apple Picking: Skip the pumpkin patch and head straight for the orchard, apple picking is officially this season’s most instagrammable activity. We have a feeling you might have to head up north for this one…way up north, as a matter of fact, you know, where fall is an actual season that states choose to participate in. Something about picking apples is so whimsical, so much so, that being Johnny Appleseed for Halloween doesn’t seem like too much of a bad idea. Also, skip the flight up North, because we found some apple picking options right here in Austin. 

9) Body Hero: Just when we thought Glossier was done out doing themselves they went ahead and done outdid themselves…AGAIN! Surprised? This time, it was with a product that ensures your body compliments your already glowy, glossier face. Body Hero isn’t just a lotion/body wash duo that we love to a religious extent, it’s a product with a message. It makes us feel just as good as it makes us look. The campaign, which was really the selling point, is what sealed the deal for us and I’m sure, for many. The whole shtick was centered around the mentality that you should “love the skin you’re in,” which is something many companies have stated, but up until now, we’ve rarely believed. Glossier featured women of many shapes, size, backgrounds, and interests to star in their campaign. All of which bared it all in front of the camera wearing nothing but, you guessed it, body hero. The campaign in itself was so good I contemplated lathering up and streaking down the street.

10) Riverdale: Okay okay, we’ll admit that this is a smidge juvenile of us, but it’s with good reason that we put this one on the list. Ever since the ending of shows like The OC and Gossip Girl, we’ve struggled to fill this void in our (forever) teeny-bopper hearts. It’s been years since we’ve been able to find a show that is both equal parts dramatic and visually stimulating. Then, as fate would have it, we were introduced to Riverdale. Like all good shows, Riverdale is a CW drama, which if you watch any tv AT ALL, means that it is both equal parts dramatic and visually stimulating. The show is loosely based on the Archie comics and follows the story of a group of high schoolers who find themselves in the middle of a murder mystery. Oh, and not to mention the entire cast is ridiculously good looking. Seriously, if I can get my mother to invest in this show, I do not doubt that you will fall head first in love with this series. Let the Netflix bender commence. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 11.17.53 AM.png
Image Source: The CW




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