Our Small Business Story

1. Tell us about yourself and your business?:

To put it simply: I, with all my heart, love making people feel good about themselves. I big-time struggle with confidence and it’s without a doubt my biggest setback. One way I work through that is by helping others grow their seeds of self-love. There’s nothing better than making our customers feel their best and that’s what we train all of our employees to do. Treat everyone like a best friend/princess, spread good vibes and make sure our customers feel like their absolute best-self.

I also happen to be really really good at trend forecasting. Looking back, it’s something I’ve been really good at since I was tween. If you combine these two things you end up at Beehive: a happy little shop with a well-edited selection of elevated styles for the girl that wants to feel current and look good. Why? Because looking good just feels SO. DAMN. GOOD. Confidence always turns into opportunities and I want to do my small part in helping our customers go out there and kill it.

2. What did you want to be growing up:

A hairstylist. I lived for a good makeover.

3. When did you first dream up Beehive?:

I was presented the opportunity to purchase an existing retail business that I had been managing for a few years, and the owner wanted out. I was really close to pulling the trigger but it just didn’t feel right. I prayed a lot and kept seeing the little winks from above that were sort of telling me to go on and just start something fresh, something more me. I dove in and signed a lease without even knowing the name. Looking back it was SO INSANE. I knew what color I wanted the doors to be before I knew that I wanted to call her Beehive! And it turns out I chose that year’s Pantone color of the year, which happened to be a BRIGHT shade of yellow.

Not only do I know trends, but I know people. I hate to brag, but I have a really good eye for hiring. We honestly have such a talented, hardworking team that happens to be just as goofy as I am. We have a (damn) good time. They’ve made this dream a much better reality.

4. What was the inspiration?:

Making women feel confident, fresh and current without having to justify the fun getaway that shopping provides. I always want Beehive to have a bit of a vacay vibe, making it a literal “destination” if you will. When you’ve worked your ass off all day and need to escape traffic, would you rather go to the mall or a place with a bit more magic where the people know you by your first name?! Beehive is an escape that leaves you feeling good, inspired and hopefully leaving with a smile.

5. How did you make this dream a reality?:

Signed my life away with a line of credit from a bank from my hometown, borrowed furniture and rugs from my parent’s house, did a little shopping at Ikea, purchased the main things I needed like hangars, a computer, loads of inventory and was open in a blink of an eye. I literally was leaving my parent’s house after loading up a trailer and was like, “hmm, I like this mirror. Can I take it too?!” I even took their bedroom rug, lol! Throughout the whole process, they’ve been so supportive, and if you’re wondering, I still haven’t given the mirror back. Even though I had almost no budget, I left no detail out. Trust me when I say that opening was the easy part. Staying open almost 10 years later and providing a fresh place for our customer’s shop is the biggest challenge and boy do I love me a retail challenge!

6. How would you describe the Beehive shopper?:

The one thing our customers all have in common is they don’t take themselves too seriously and they are the most loyal bunch of bees you’ll ever meet. I’m so grateful for them.

7. Tell us about your personal style. How has it changed?:

I really like mixing contrasting looks: girly + tailored or print on print. The only thing that has really changed is my age and I just find myself covering my arms more. Other than that, not much has changed really. I’ve had the same haircut since I was 12 and I’ll always love a good high waist.

8. What trends are you loving/bringing to Beehive right now?:

Faux fur or a feather trim on anything and everything a la Zsa Zsa Gabor, Velvet wrap tops, turtlenecks, Princess Di blazers, sparkly 80’s earrings, and of course berets.

9. What do you love most about Beehive?:

We make people feel good about themselves and work to continuously spread the happiest of vibes. What’s not to love about that? Before we opened we were hit with a huge recession and the overall mood was very neutral, a bit sad. I couldn’t wait to open something bright and welcoming that didn’t take itself too seriously. Beehive has always worked as a dose of sunshine on even the cloudiest of days.

10. What’s currently on your Beehive wishlist for the Holidays?: Our embroidered velvet Kimono jacket, it feels so vintage, I just love it. I could wear it all day long with our fur-trimmed slippers.

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11. What’s the hardest part about running a small business?:

I’m the hottest hot mess in mess town. Balancing out my work-life and personal-life has been the biggest challenge of all. I don’t really know how to turn Beehive “off” and I find myself craving stress. It’s a very odd phenomenon and trust me when I say that I’m working on it. One thing that I’ve found works is stepping outside and watering the plants – it’s such a calming “to-do.” That and finally finding myself a therapist. I’m human, people.

12. What keeps you going?:

My employees. They fill my heart with so much joy and they love what we’re doing with this little store just as much as I do. They never complain and keep on running by my side. Collectively, they are a bunch of hustlers with an attitude that not only keeps me going but pushes me to keep all of us growing.  

13. Any advice for small business owners?:

As you grow, keep reinvesting in your company to keep it fresh, trust your gut, know when you’ve wilted and take that damn vacation – it’s SO important to recharge.



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