Things We Love: November 2017





1. Marie Antoinette Shoes: We’d love to sit here and say that the obsession came via Marie herself, but we’re deff pulling this via Kirsten Dunst’s portrayal of the notorious queen in the self-titled, Sofia Coppola flick. You know, the scene where she’s updating her closet with an insane gown fitting as “I Want Candy” plays in the background?! The scene features a variety of kitten heels that come in pastel hues and are frosted with a ridiculous amount of bows and pearls. “Why the obsession,” you ask? Well, the kitten heel is practical and practical is our middle name. Also, their pastel nature along with all the adornments feels real granny and you know we love a good throwback, granny moment.


2. Kira Kira App: What’s easy to use, transformative, and shiny all over?! The Kira Kira app, that’s what! You might not know what we’re talking about but you’ve definitely seen it. You know those videos on social media that sparkle to an insane degree?! That shine is no accident, sweetie. It’s all thanks to the now extremely popular app Kira Kira, which goes in and adds SHINE to any and all content. No surprise that this app is originally from Japan and is now considered old news in those parts (lol). Download now and legitimately live out the lyrics, “shine bright like a diamond.

Image Source: Glamour Mag

3. Our Gift Guide: Four words: Easy. Peasy. Lemon. Squeezy. Yup, we just made one of the years hardest activities that much simpler. Gift like a seasoned veteran with a proven track record by using our carefully curated Gift Guide. Believe us when we say that you’ll be thanking us later. Shop what we’ve got here!


4. British Vogue Cover with Adowa Aboah: This past year, the fashion world was rocked when Alexandra Shulman stepped down as editor-in-chief of British Vogue, a position which she held for over 25 years. Next, we were rocked (in the best way) again, when Edward Enninful was appointed to fill her shoes. This news was seemingly MAJOR as he is the first black editor to fill this rank. The fashion world was obviously thrilled and awaited anxiously until, what we like to consider is one of the most gorgeous covers ever, dropped. The cover, which features a stunning close-up Adwoa Aboah gave us chills (sorry, but not sorry for being so dramatic). Can we just talk about how well crafted this cover is?! From the makeup to the choice in typography, something about it is so timeless. Edward, we applaud you in debuting a cover, your cover, that legitimately transcends time. 


5. Tianjin Binhai Library: When looking up the words “out of this world,” you’ll find images from this library as a reference. I mean this thing WAS practically made for the modern day Belle or bookworm. Located in the Binhai’s Culture Center the 33,700 square-meter library welcomes over 10,000 visitors into its expansive, futuristic halls. Being designed by Dutch firm MVRDV, we know that this place was handcrafted by some of the world’s best architects. Pictures of the space are so mind blowing we’ve actually considered booking a trip to China JUST to check out a couple books. Excessive? Nah.

6. Dressing Like A Muppet: What’s a wildly fuzzy, bright, and all-consuming? Your wardrobe, duh. With 2017 coming to a close it’s important to notice that you’ve been dressing like a cast member of the muppets for a greater portion of the year. Know that I think about it, Sesame Street isn’t completely off the table either, I mean those lumpy coats that sometimes come in yellow are deff reminiscent of Big Bird. Crossing our fingers that this vibe carries over into the new year.

7. Care Of Vitamins: Speaking of the new year, it’s important that you start racking up your list of resolutions. Self-care, which is usually featured on our list (for obvious reasons), top’s this year’s line-up of things we want to focus on in 2018. One, almost mindless way we’re going to approach this is with the help of Care Of Vitamins. Everyone is on a different path to health, and Care Of makes it EASY by sending you a monthly subscription of (daily) vitamins right to your door. The best thing about it? It’s personalized to fit your needs and can easily be changed or regimented to fit your lifestyle and changes in health. Claire, our founder, swears by this brand, which obviously means they know what they’re doing. 

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8. Luke Edward Hall: What’s a list of things we love without a hottie-artist to drool over. Enter Luke Edward Hall, aka our latest hottie-artist prospect. The London based artist, whose primary mediums include, painting and drawing, has gone on to produce work for Burberry, collaborated with Stubbs & Wootton and produced work for our favorite hotel, the Parker Palm Springs. Yup, it’s a match made is #SoBeehive heaven *swoon*.

9. Poinsettia Cocktail: This one goes out to the hostess with the absolute mostest. We love a good libation…or two, so we couldn’t wrap this list up without mentioning our favorite concoction of the holiday season. With that being said, we introduce to you, the Poinsettia.

You’ll need: 

How it’s done: 

  1. Pour the orange liqueur and cranberry juice into a chilled Champagne flute.
  2. Stir well.
  3. Top with Champagne.
  4. ENJOY! Yup, it’s that EASY!

10. Millie Bobby Brown: This just…goes…WITHOUT SAYING. MIC DROP (BOOM). Also, let us remind you that she’s 13



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