Things We Love: December 2017




1. Maison Cleo: A.K.A the next “it-girl” brand on the rise. Seriously, their following is still (relatively) small, about 14k to be exact, which means if you get in on this a.s.a.p. you’ll finally be able to claim your status as a bonafide trendsetter. Here are the details: the brand is managed by a French mother-daughter duo who literally work and make the garments out of their home (so darling, right?), meaning that their stock is small yet mighty (coveted). The brand has been sported by the likes of celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski and the entire Man Repeller team. Buy in now, babes.

2. The CGI baby from Twilight: This is on here out of pure hilarity…I mean look at that thing…who approved this? Who in the cutting room was like, “hell yeah, that baby looks LEGIT.” We’re not laughing until we’re crying, you’re laughing until YOU’RE crying. 

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3. Tiered Anything: This one goes out to the cha-cha girl emoji (keep on keepin’ on, homegirl). Something about her pose, her outfit, and overall demeanor has our hearts aching for anything long, TIERED and totally cha-cha-able. Not to mention, the following dresses ARE in stock (here & here) and ARE also great options for any and all dance floor situations. You can thank you later…now let the dancing commence!

4. The Wing: All female co-working space founded by two best (female) best friends with killer interiors, events, AND social media? Consider us obsessed. One of our bees has been working out of the space and can confirm that it’s the dreamy boss-babe-girls-club we had hoped it was. We’re hoping 2018 is filled with more safe spaces for women to play, create and you know…take over the world. 

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5. Santa Bee Bee Ronnie Heart Playlist: Nothing gets us in a holiday tizzy quite like x-mas music. Can I get an amen? Amen. Luckily for us, Ft. Worth DJ, Ronnie Heart, curated a perfect slew of Christmas HITS for us headbang (in our Santa hats) to. Do the tunes strike a familiar chord?! That’s by no accident seeing that we’ve been jamming this playlist for the entirety of this month. Want more from Ronnie Heart?! Check out more of his (killer) curated playlists here: click me.

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6. Diet Prada: Our current Instagram obsession?! Why @DIETPRADA of course. The anonymous feed works to call out designer copycats and spotlights injustices within the fashion world. Their brash voice and relentless air keep us (and Naomi Campbell) coming back. Honestly, they’re just calling it how they see it and we’re 100% behind what they’re up to. See it for yourself.

7. Dady Bones Class of 2018 Earrings: When our favorite DIY earring brand launches a new collection we’ve obviously gotta give it a major shout. From the “rebel” to the “class clown” the Class of 2018 collection has something for every girl in your social circle. Don’t act surprised when you run into a few of these styles on our sales floor. 

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8. Combat Boots: The year is 2009 – you’ve paired your sundress with a big chunky belt, some layered necklaces, a denim jacket and of course…a pair of combat boots. While you probably don’t miss a majority of the items in this outfit recipe, we know that deep down you’ve longed to dust off and lace up a pair of these bad boys. Lucky for you (and us), they’ve been seen on the feet of just about every internet influencer a.k.a they’ve officially made an insanely stylish and impactful comeback *que internal squealing*

9. Regent Street London: Do you ever look at something and immediately think “Christmas.” Welp, we’re adding something to that list. Enter Regent Street, a shopping destination in London that goes ALL OUT for the holiday season. The jet-setter in us would definitely hop on her private jet and complete all of her holiday gift shopping on this very street. I mean…just look at it… 

10. Merci Paris: If you know us, you know that we’re suckers for good interiors (have you seen ours?), good furniture, and ever better knick-knacks. With that being said, we just about lost our mind when introduced to Merci Paris, an absolutely gorgeous furniture/clothing concept store located in Paris, which means that aside from Regent Street, we’re also going to jet-set our asses to Paris to meet any and all of our interior needs…lol jk *if only*. Lucky for us, their Instagram is shoppable (phew).


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