Thing We Love: March 2018

1.Westminster Dog Show for Rescue Dogs: Hold the phone! Rescue dogs are finally getting their own Westminster style dog show. It’s called the “American Rescue Dog Show” and the categories are ridic! Here are some of our favs: Best Couch in Potato, Best in Kissing, Best in Snoring, and Best in Wiggle Butt. The show already aired on The Hallmark Channel, but check it out here


2. Meow Wolf hits Austin (is this a myth?): It’s true, folks! The iconic surreal art installation is for real coming to ATX for a limited time during SXSW. But. There is a catch: there is no venue! Yup. That’s right. The “anomalous occurrences” can happen anywhere in town and can be in the form of a concert, flash mob, or art installation. Luckily, you can sign up for more information here


3.No Age Limits on Models: NYFW is actually becoming more inclusive. For once, we are not seeing designers praise youthfulness exclusively and we are TOTALLY ON BOARD! Beehive has long been inspired by the forever young at heart and it’s about time they stay part of the show. This year lines like Creatures Of Comfort, Eckhaus Latta and Helmut Lang are using a variety of models in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. They are showing that the fashion world is not only for the young and age has no boundaries. Honey, it’s time to dust off your heels and keep the party going.For proof that style is like fine wine, “it gets better with age”, click here


4.Cowboy boots are trending so hard at NYFW: Cowgirl boots are back! Although let’s be real, we’re Texan and they never went anywhere for us. What I mean is, they have finally become a serious fashion statement. They were all over NYFW last month, (confirmed here by our fav) so dig down in the pit of your closet and check your garage, you should be rocking these babies all spring! Oh, and if you don’t have any, don’t suffer from FOMO. We’re having a City Boots pop-up shop tomorrow March 2 and Saturday, March 3 at Beehive Houston and again on March 16th at Beehive Austin location!


5.Girl Scout cookie wine pairing: If you’re like us, you spent the last month and a half trying to chase down Girl Scouts for their holy grail Thin Mints. If you’re an OG, you bought em in bulk and are now wondering “How can I elevate my Girl Scout cookie experience?”. Well, here’s your answer: we found this lovely little chart on Pinterest that helps you pair your two favorites after work goodies. You’re welcome 😉


6.@katiejanehughes: Do you bees know this Queen??? She is a makeup artist who has been melting our hearts ever since she took over Glossier’s Instagram account. She satisfies all of our alter egos (from eighties to new wave teen)! Go peep here for yourself and give her a follow. Pay close attention to her highlighted stories. You can thank us later 😉 










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