Closets We Love: Natalie Betzer

Natalie Betzer

Natalie Betzer is one of those girls that walk’s into a room and oozes effortless, happy vibes. I’ve always wanted to know her secret. When she posted on her Instagram that she would soon be offering wellness consulting, my heart immediately fell to the floor and I lost the feeling in my arms. Now we all have a real chance at being our best selves thanks to her. Natalie leads an active lifestyle, yet nails that Austin laid back but still put together look. I love when she stops in at The Hive so we can catch up and talk style. With the launch of her new consulting biz, I thought to peek in her closet was the perfect excuse to sit down with Natalie so Y’all could get to know one of Austin’s soon-to-be most sought after gals.

1.Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do and what is your end goal?

Sure! I’m Natalie Betzer, a holistic wellness consultant and nutritionist in the making. I am currently studying to receive a masters in nutrition and integrative health. Later this year I’ll begin accepting clients and offering personalized wellness and nutrition consulting. In the meantime, I recently launched a blog that’s intended to be a resource for anyone interested in learning more about health and wellness. On my blog, you can find all kinds of health and wellness education, healthy recipes, fitness topics and shop my favorite products. Ultimately, my goal is to educate, inspire and empower others to live a lifestyle of optimal health!

      Natalie is wearing our distressed sweater (a best seller) with her trusty cut-offs from Beehive last year. We got a similar sweater today, just text our store cell to purchase or to see more photos: 512-450-8098

2. Before your endeavor for wellness, where were you? What were you doing?

Before this endeavor, I spent the past six years working in fashion merchandising and product development at Kendra Scott here in Austin. When I started at Kendra Scott in 2011, there were roughly 15-20 employees and we were still just a small, local startup. It was an incredible experience to have a hand in the growth and evolution of such a wonderful company. I will always love fashion and product design and I hope to integrate it into my health and wellness career down the road.

IMG_0094                  Here are Natalie’s Kendra Scott display pieces for her jewelry, lucky girl! 

3.What’s your morning routine?

My morning routine changes a bit from day to day, but the one consistent thing I do EVERY day is make a butter coffee. I’m so addicted to it and it gives me a great boost for my morning workouts. I do about two cups of coffee and mix in some grass-fed butter, Bulletproof XCT oil, and two scoops of Vital Proteins collagen. Sometimes I’ll add an adaptogen as well. It’s magic! (Shop it all here)

We love how Natalie paired our lightweight jacket over our fav Outdoor Voices gear! To shop the jacket text our store cell: 512-450-8098      

4. You lead such an active lifestyle, how does this affect your style?

It definitely influences my style! I am naturally drawn to a more sporty, cool look but I like to incorporate feminine elements whether it’s a big statement earring or bold lipstick. During the week, I live in my activewear so I like to keep an eye out for versatile pieces that can be worn to the gym or out around Austin.

5. Clearly, you’re an activewear kind of gal, how do you style Beehive for your more active lifestyle?

Some of my favorite finds at beehive have been distressed cut off shorts that are perfect for summertime in Austin. I can throw over a suit at the lake, hike the greenbelt or dress them up for a night out. Just a few weeks ago I scored a pair of dark washed cutoffs with a sporty red track stripe down the sides. I’m already picturing them with some sneakers and a cute blazer.

IMG_0071                 To purchase red knot ruffle dress text 512-450-8098 or shop a similar look here

6. You’re such a regular at Beehive, what keeps you coming back?
    So many things! I love the chill, cool-girl vibes, amazing price points, and with a background in retail I really appreciate the product display and merchandising – which is always on point! I love the mix of fun prints, bold accessories, essentials, and trend items.  I never leave empty-handed.

7. Which Beehive pieces are you excited to add to your closet for Spring?

I love their La Pequena bag and a fun matching set like this or this. I’m also a sucker for whatever you guys put on that front table.

To purchase ruffle skirt or tee text us at 512-450-8098

8. Who inspires you? Fashion, health or otherwise?

Ah, there are so many! I really admire the style of Happily Grey, Rocky Barnes, and Andi Csinger. For health, Dave Asprey, founder of the Bulletproof diet and “Bulletproof coffee,” has been very influential for me. He has a great podcast that I recommend to anyone interested in nutritional science. Also, I probably follow hundreds of health and wellness micro influencers on Instagram who inspire me every day!

9. You are one of the happiest most radiant gals I’ve ever known. I’d love to share a few tips with our readers that will perk their interest about what your blog and consulting biz will be offering. 


I believe in incorporating a lot of variety into your workouts. For years, my primary source of exercise was a 3-4 mile run a few times a week. Running is great, but it wasn’t until introduced more variety that I really saw results. Now, I mix it up with barre, running, HIIT workouts, weight training, and yoga. Also, it’s easy to hit a fitness plateau. I think it’s important to be intentional with your workouts and do your best to improve whether it’s a slightly faster mile pace, a slightly heavier weight, or a longer hold in that crow pose! Don’t make your workouts so routine that you’re not improving.

am routine:

At least a couple of days a week I start my morning off by oil pulling for about 5-10 minutes, then make a quick detox drink. Oil pulling is the process of swishing around oil (I recommend coconut oil) in your mouth first thing in the morning before brushing teeth. There’s a lot of debate around if oil pulling is actually effective. I personally found it to promote overall better oral health by whitening my teeth, decreasing sensitivity, and reducing plaque. For the detox drink, I fill a big glass with water, add in juice from half (or even a whole) lemon, a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a dash of cayenne. This is a very common combination and has been written about extensively for its benefits- it’s not unique to me. It does not taste good at all, haha, but I bear it for the benefits. Some say adding a bit of honey or maple syrup helps! Apple cider vinegar is a much-loved ingredient by all health professionals. It promotes digestion, balances your blood sugar (which in turn suppresses appetite), promotes detoxification and is great for anyone who suffers from heartburn or indigestion. Lemon and cayenne have similar benefits. I also find that this drink is great for breaking up mucus if you’re congested or sufferings from allergies. My preferred brand of ACV is Braggs as it preserves “the Mother” aka the dark cloudy substance floating around in it which ensures maximum benefits.

pm routine:

                At night I take all of my supplements and take care of my skin with some of my favorite products. For supplements, I take probiotics, vitamin D, omega 3 fish oil, B vitamins, and iron. I’ve had my blood work done to know what I’m deficient in which is how I determined what I should be taking. Otherwise, it can be hard to know unless you’re feeling symptoms of certain deficiencies. However, vitamin D and probiotics are great for almost everyone. Vitamin D is a very common deficiency these days because most of us spend the majority of our time indoors. Vitamin D is crucially important so I would recommend to everyone to supplement unless you work outside or get plenty of sun exposure. For skincare, I really love the products from Eminence Organics and Arcona. They’re both non-toxic but still high performing. And I love baths! I try to get at least one bath in a week, read a book, and chill out!  


For my diet, I’m a big believer in eating a lot of healthy fats. I eat tons of nuts, avocado, and grass-fed butter or ghee. And of course, veggies. I try to eat as many as I can get in! I shoot for moderate amounts of fruit and animal protein (usually at dinner) and do my best to cut out refined sugar. Of course, I am human and also believe in balance! You can also find me enjoying a good margarita or a bowl of ice cream every now and then.

Wow!  Thank you, Natalie! Who else is impressed and inspired!? Natalie is currently studying holistic medicine before she will start taking consultations. In the meantime, she is treating us to more tips and tricks on my new go-to blog: Check her people!!! xx, Claire




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