Things We’re Loving: May 2018

1. H-Mart:

The massive Korean mega-market has arrived in Austin! Not only can you dine-in on great Korean comfort food, but you can also knock out some pretty fun grocery shopping. They’ve got Korean baked goods, matcha flavored kit kats, fun skincare tools like smile balls, and Korean rice/plum/raspberry wine. We totally understand the sense of being overwhelmed so here’s a go-to grocery list for your first visit:

  • Dabok – A sweet and spicy rice cake stew
  • Kimbap- Best described as Korean raw sushi but without the fish. We love it with  Korean style ground beef.
  • Jajangmyeon- Koreans’ version of Chinese takeout with a ramen or soba noodle with a black bean style sauce.
  • Korean fried chicken – Koreans double fry their chicken for extra crispness and their spicy flavor is unmatched
  • Skin Care aisle in general. You could dedicate an entire trip to the skincare alone. (Our previous bee @marykateandshashley swears by Hada Labo Rohto Deep Whitening Milky Lotion and Egg White Pore Mask by Skinfood).

2. Ellsworth Kelly:

If you haven’t heard about the Ellsworth Kelly exhibit at The Blanton, may we suggest you crawl out from under that rock you’ve been living under. This permanent exhibit is momentous for being the artist’s “most monumental work; it consists of a 2,715-square-foot stone building with luminous colored glass windows, a totemic wood sculpture, and fourteen black-and-white stone panels in marble. Titled Austin, honoring the artist’s tradition of naming particular works for the places for which they are destined, the structure is the first and only freestanding building the artist has designed and will be his most lasting legacy. Envisioned by Kelly as a site for joy and contemplation, Austin will become a cornerstone of the Blanton’s permanent collection and will enrich the lives of visitors from around the world.” Need we say more?!

  Click Here to visit        

3.Cute nail studio: 

If my 11 year old self were to design a nail salon, it would look exactly like this gem located in East Austin. The studio is located in a house painted in rainbow hues which gives us all the feels of a shared workspace for Care Bears and My Little Ponies. There is even a disco ball in the bathroom. They offer everything from super Kawaii nail designs to the most basic (yet elegant) manicure. They refer to themselves as “the magic rainbow nail art studio.” And the best part, they’re open ‘til 10pm!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been ready for a night out and thought to myself, “you know what would go perfectly with my super fresh Beehive digs? A holographic nail!” Crisis averted!

 4. Hank’s Austin:
 This might be the prettiest restaurant in Austin and it comes to no surprise. Designed by Austin’s interior design star Claire Zinnecker alongside owner Jessie Katz (I like to describe her as a French Stevie Nicks), it’s full of natural light, beautiful woods, and SO so so many plants. It’s dreamy. Bonus points for every table being a booth. We snacked on a damn good hamburger and sipped frosé all day. Can’t wait to go back!
 Click Here to visit
5.Wanderlust yoga class ( YO-Strong):
 Remember that blog post we wrote on cutie customer/health guru Natalie Betzer? Well, I tried to be her once, for an hour, and it went down like this.

Me: “Hey Natalie, what’s your favorite workout here in Austin.” Natalie: “Oh you should try Yo Strong with me, it’s a yoga class at Wanderlust”. Ok – sold. I’m in. It’s yoga. You don’t have to be super in shape, right!? WRONG. This is by far the hardest class I’ve ever taken in my life. The room was warm. And the instructor (who is another customer I ADORE, (@kaleyklasson) kept us moving and grooving (I seriously wanted to Shazam every song) and there was no stopping. I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much in my entire life. When the class was over, I put my shoes on the wrong feet and could barely find my car. But you know what, I had fun and the entire thing made me laugh. The music was awesome and Kaley gave me the confidence I needed to push myself and I did it! One of these days, I’ll be back!

Click Here to visit  

 6.Terrazzo tile trend: 
Take the flooring you’ll find in most community colleges and make it fashion. Terrazzo Tile is back, but way more interesting with its update. We are seeing it for its beauty for the first time like it didn’t exist before. This style of tiling can consist of whatever makes your heart happy: maybe you want flecks of sparkle, or maybe you want the colors that resemble fruity pebbles. Skies the limit. To see what we’re talking about, check out Mandy Moore’s swoon-worthy new digs.

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7.Dried flowers:

Don’t call us wizards but, we’ve figured out a way to make the “magic” of fresh florals last forever. We recently purchased a group of flowers that all happened to be in the Protea flower family. When they dry, they are just as beautiful as freshly cut. Other flowers that dry beautifully are echinops, lavender and honesty flowers just to name a few. Now you don’t have to run out every week to keep the cute vibes going. To purchase yours, head to local gem Austin Flower Company on 35th St.


8. Shell jewelry: 

Have you ever seen the Flintstones and thought to yourself, “if only I live in the Paleolithic era so I could “rock” shell jewelry like Betty and Wilma”. Well, get ready to be a Bedrock babe because shell jewelry is back. This trend can be rocked as necklaces, hair accessories and my fave – earrings. Not only are shells great for vacation, but every day your outfit can be elevated with a “splash”.


            both sets of earrings can be purchased in-store at Beehive 

9. Smocking:

We’ve noticed that everything is smocked right now and we love it. Historically, smocking was used to make children’s clothing adjustable before elastic was invented. Somewhere along the line, designers like Miu Miu and Issey Miyake made this baby look grown up approved. Now smocking is everything. It fits all body types because hello –  it’s literally a garment made out of nothing but a stretch. We are here for the trickle down into boutique fashion and we know you are too.

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