We’re On a Leon Bridges Music Video!!!

An inside look on how stylist, Margaret Bechtold dressed the leading lady in the music video for Leon Bridges song “Beyond” in everything Beehive!

1. How did you find Beehive?

I was introduced to Beehive through my friend Juliana, who worked with the brand. She did photography and social and I trust her eye so much that I had to check it out online. Of course I loved what I saw.

2. When picking outfits for the video, what was your thought process?

Each project is really different because every collaborator is bringing their own style and process to the table. I’ve never worked with a more organized production than “Beyond.” We were coordinating with a few agencies and across a few cities, so everyone had to come prepared to each meeting to communicate what their progress had been since we’d last spoken. I was given a really clear idea by all of the creative teams involved as to what they had in mind, and it was up to me to make it a reality, plus bring a few surprises and solves to the table that brought more value to the project.

3. Did the director give you any specific visions before you created your
mood board?

Yes! When I was brought on board, the storyline and mood visuals had already been set, and a location scout had already helped to conceptualize where it would actually take place. I began styling looks to match each of those locations and we narrowed the vision in from there.

4. How do you work your vision within the director’s vision?

In cases like this, I’m there less to have a vision of my own and more to collaborate on what the storytellers want to come true. I leverage my expertise in things like color theory, costume history, trend forecasting and consumer behavior research to bring layers of subtle, almost subliminal cues that further telegraph the intention of the scene to the viewer.

5. How did the vibe of video influence the looks?

The vibe was hugely influential on what I pulled, of course. “Beyond” was purposefully set in West Texas to showcase the broader Southwestern and Mexican flavors that are so present in the state, so I pulled in nature prints and serape stripes specifically to hit those notes. Plus Leon is such a visual artist and comes with so much personal style. That made it the most fun for me. He was totally down to play dress up and get the looks right.

6. What is the key staple in your closet, favorite piece that you own?
(classic piece)

It is quite literally always changing, but I usually get the most wear out of things I buy while I’m traveling. Two pairs of vintage pants that I got over an art-viewing weekend in Houston are definitely currently in heavy rotation at the moment.

7. What is the one thing everyone needs this summer?

Hard to say, but generally I’m a big fan of any swimsuit that can transition into streetwear before or after the pool — a full coverage top that can work with high waisted pants or a one-piece that works like a bodysuit.

8. Who is a fashion icon that has influenced your style/career?

I have tons and tons for this, but one always stands out: I had an editor above me when I worked at Lucky Magazine who had come back into publishing after a stint as a trend forecaster for a major brand. I was really aware of how different her mind worked than the other women around us who had mostly only ever worked in magazines. The former forecaster understood how aesthetic choices fit into context in a way that really broke my whole world open and changed the course of my career. She’s literally the reason I pursued forecasting and consulting at all. Style-wise, the way I personally dress is a direct result of my constantly gathering a mosaic of influences from people I see on the street and online.

9. Were the outfits picked based on a style you personally enjoy and wear?

No, I’m able to separate those two pretty well. What’s constant is my sensibility, taste level and sort of knack for rhythm and balance when I put looks together. But largely I dress really differently than what I put other people in.

10. What is your favorite current fashion trend?

Super niche, but I’m really aware of men’s pant leg openings and lengths and sock/shoe pairings that go with those. I’m super into house painter style for me, like the brand Peels does so well (and perhaps invented?). For women, broadly, I’m still really into midi length dresses with bare shoulders and matching sets.

11. When did your love for fashion begin?

As a kid, for sure. My mom let us dress ourselves, so I was always wearing crazy things from my sisters’ and my shared closets. Two different shoes, long dangly clip-on earrings swiped from my grandmother’s house, and bits of Halloween costumes were all fair game of a daily basis. I’ve always seen it as a means for personal expression and definitely feel lucky on a daily basis that I get to do something that comes really naturally for me as a profession.

12. Any tips/advice for fashion and beauty lovers?

Don’t try to blend in! People should want to know who you are when you walk into a room. Wear something weird and make a new friend. xx

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