Fashion Show on Sorority Row

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, people come to New York in search of the two L’s: labels and love. Well, if New York is to Carrie as Beehive is to a back-to-school bee, we strive to make the Hive a destination for one thing just as important: Sorority Rush. In lieu of what Rush is truly all about, we’ve channeled our Sex and the City fav foursome to bring you the best looks Beehive has to offer for this somewhat hectic week.


Are you a Carrie in the closet but a Charlotte at heart? Or maybe a Miranda at study hall but Samantha on Saturdays. We’ve provided the one stop shop to help stand out from the crowd.. and still make it in time for brunch.


Looking for a simple, yet sophisticated look- we say LBD? NBD! Take it from Charlotte, a little black dress is the way to keep it classy before class even starts. Paired with vintage Chanel pumps or a neutral kitten heel, this is an all time fav done the right way.

In need of a little color, but want to stay conservative cool? Pastel and pink are the perfect pair. Add a ruffle and sleek slingbacks to show, you’re still here to have fun! A simple silhouette like this is comfort meets cocktail, you’ll have everyone rushing in your direction.


Need a black dress but want to show you mean business? Eighty-six the pantsuit for a girlboss jumper in true Miranda fashion. Who says a plaid has to be boring? Pair with a bright mule or a simple black slide to really lay down the law for Rush this week.

Back to school blues don’t have to be a bad thing! This bright blue hue will totally do you justice. Take it from Miranda, a classic silhouette with a bold color says you are here to take a stand. Pair with a heeled sandal or a powergirl pump, everyone will totally know who’s boss!


Silky and a little sultry- take it from Samantha this dress says it all without you saying a thing. Cocktail a heeled sandal with the perfect statement earring and your outfit is served shaken not stirred!

OMGingham! This dress is black and white and chic all over. A bold print in a fitted silhouette, Samantha would be proud to alert the press! Pair with a geometric statement earring and slingbacks and you’ll be one step ahead of the PR princess herself.

C A R R I E 

Basic black dress seeming a total snore? Take it from the Queen Bee, Carrie Bradshaw is never a bore. Spaghetti straps plus a printed skirt and girl, you’ve got frills to thrill! Polka-dots and pearls are the perfect pair, add a gold chain and slingbacks and you’ll have everyone reading the fine print.   

Catwalk or not, this outfit will make you feel like a fashion show on sorority row! (Just don’t trip- nobody likes runway roadkill!) Florals and ruffles paired with a bold pointed toe pump, this statement is totally BIG! (limousine not included) For the fashion girl with aspirations as high as the Empire State Building, this outfit was written just for you.


From sorority rush or just rushing to Chem lab, this guide has given you all that you need for back to school 101. Whether a Carrie or a Samantha (or a little bit of both) we hope these looks help inspire lasting friendships from class schedules to cocktails.

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