Falling Forward with Bailey Womack: A Go-To Guide for October to March


For a brand that usually resonates a summer-all-year-long kind of vibe, you would think that the looming presence of fall would automatically have us setting our alarms for spring break and adorning our doors with a do not disturb sign for the following five months. Not that we don’t love a beach vacation, but our strict NO BAD DAYS policy at the Hive says don’t hit snooze just yet sister-friend! We personally feel that this year’s fall wardrobe is all about having fun and enjoying the cooler season. Not one of us chooses to live our lives by the “no white after labor day” myth of yesteryear and who says you have to wear all black? We can’t get enough of the sweater over the shoulder, “I live for tennis” look paired with a graphic tee and boots. Or how about “the eighties called, she said you can borrow her purple power suit” with a strong, pointed toe kitten heel? Mother Nature may be taking her time on dropping the temp but we are totally feeling the crisp air outfits and have just the guide to prove it! Whether you’re here for the oversized sweater or the beret and bell-bottoms, we’re happy you stopped by! In true Beehive fashion, with the right tools in hand, we are serving up fall forward realness compliments of stylist and Beehive babe, Bailey Womack. Check out our one-on-one with Bailey about her fall fashion go-to’s and shop the looks in-store or online 24/7.

What are you looking forward to this fall? It seems you’re always traveling to fun places, do you have any upcoming plans you’re excited about this season?
My plans for the fall are to attend this year’s weekend one ACL lineup and just attend a lot of concerts in general! I don’t have anything else planned – but when has that ever stopped me?!  

Do you prefer cooler weather or warm temperatures?
I’m in the middle on this one… I am one of those people that in a perfect world it would be right around 65-75° year round.

Would you rather a parka or peacoat?
I’m more of a peacoat girl, they come in way more styles/options!

What is one piece in your wardrobe you def couldn’t live without as the temp starts to drop?
Definitely my leather jacket! I take that thing with me everywhere and wear it most days.

What are some go-to trends you’re really feeling for fall?
I have fallen under the leopard print spell, I want my entire wardrobe to be that print, haha. I also really am liking the cardigan wrapped around the neck trend, it makes me feel very chic!

Who is your fall fashion style icon?
Let’s see… I have a lot! I love Mary Jean (@maryljean), Freja Wewer (@frejawewer), Hanna Stefansson (@hannastefansson), Benthe Liem (@bentheliem), and Alyssa Coscarelli (@alyssainthecity)

Do you have any style tips for the upcoming season?
Find a really good fitting pair of wide leg pants (i’d suggest you get white) and tuck a cozy white sweater into it, the all-white look is super easy and will always look super clean! Or if you want to dress up a little more invest in a really nice blazer and wrap a belt bag over the top of the blazer to cinch your waist, it creates a very chic/high-fashion look!

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