Same Name, Same Brain – An Interview with Ft. Worth Managers Lauren + Lauryn

Same name, same brain – we’ve been spending so much time together we’re starting to become the same person! At Beehive Ft. Worth we are reporting live with your two fav Ft. Worth managers – Lauren and Lauryn. Keeping your Insta stories poppin’ and helping your online purchases move quickly from your shopping cart to your front porch. Here’s a little glimpse into how we’ve been holding up featuring matching pieces styled with each Laure/yn’s personal touch!

Lauren Neal: Hi LB!

Lauryn Barton: Hey Lauren!

LN: How are you hangin’ in there with all of this quarantine craziness?

LB: I am definitely hangin’ in there. Just trying to keep busy and stay positive during all this madness.

LN: Totally feel that, I’m so thankful to have you here with me and I don’t have to surf this wave alone hahaha. I think I’ve actually figured out how to take a decent photo from posing for Instagram stories! Or at least I try… I had to have my friend coach me in taking selfies though.

LB: Haha I am thankful you’re here with me!! Seriously. You are keeping me sane! Haha and I think we could basically be considered professional Instagram models at this point, we have taken sooo many photos. Just waiting for the calls and sponsors to roll in…

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

LN: Hahaha true I think we’re becoming #influencers faster than we meant to! Besides being Insta fabulous are there any fun shows you are watching or new hobbies you’ve picked up on when we’re not at the store?

LB: Yes! I have definitely been binging lots of TV shows and watching new movies. Of course I have been watching the new season of KUWTK and Vanderpump Rules. I’ve definitely been watching lots of chick flicks as well. Just watched Thelma and Louise for the first time! I’ve also been cooking! I made the best coconut cake the other day and have basically mastered pasta. I have learned how to make the best homemade pasta sauce. Do you have any movie/TV show recommendations, also what hobbies have you picked up on?

LN: Oh that’s a good one! I’ve actually never seen Thelma and Louise so maybe I need to hop on that train. I recently got into Mad Men because I’d never seen it and I’m HOOKED. I was up late last night folding laundry and ogling over Betty Draper’s outfits haha. We may need to share your coconut cake recipe! That sounds magical. Any new hobbies- aside from deep cleaning my house and organizing my earrings you mean? Haha I have started water coloring cards! I’m a big greeting card girl so I have started painting my own and sending them out to friends and fam! It’s def been therapeutic if anything. I totally know this time is super weird but are there any things you’ve enjoyed about being stuck at home?

LB: I definitely need to watch Mad Men. I love that you’re spending time watercoloring cards, your cards are the sweetest! I have been spending a lot more time outside and just enjoying the sunshine. I think this time is really teaching everyone not to take the little things for granted. What is a music artist you recommend and have listened to the most during this time? Maybe we should team up and make a “Beehive Quarantine” playlist.

LN: I totally agree! I spent all day Sunday on a blanket in our courtyard soaking up the sun 🙂 Our dogs are loving it too! Famous was sprawled out like a frog in the sunshine hahaha. We should totally make a quarantine playlist! We’ve been listening to a lot of fun stuff here at the store, we need to share it with the world! At home my roomie and I have been listening to a lot of Waxahatchie and Kevin Morby! I’ve also been loving the new Steffany Gretzinger album, super encouraging! And always my sweetie cutie bf, Cory Cross hehe. I know you are a big podcast girl, do you have any podcast recommendations that have been getting you through?

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

LB: I love all of those artists! I love that kind of modern western feel good music. Some podcasts I’m totally into right now are kind of all across the board! I love astrology so Natalia Benson’s podcast is a fav for sure, I also love Second Life with Hillary Kerr from Who What Wear– she interviews super cool girlbosses about their journey to success! Oh, and anything true crime, duh. I know you mentioned organizing your jewelry before… How do you organize your closet? Is it organized by color or by style, like from tank tops to dresses etc? I’m very curious because I like to reorganize my closet one of these ways at least every full moon (very Virgo of me lol).

LN: Hehehe you know me too well! OCD Queen and proud. I’ve actually started a side hustle organizing and styling other people’s closets because I love it so much! I organize mine starting with the type of garment so I have multiple sections in my closet that are all organized by style and then by color followed by sleeve length. This way I can see all the different styles of clothes that I have and things don’t get lost in the shuffle. My trick is that all of my brand new purchases I keep at the very front, that way I know what is new and I will wear those pieces before I buy something new. My secret tip! That way a year from now you don’t find a cute dress with the tags attached that you totally forgot about. This is part of what I help people do with their closets! Do you do something similar?

LB: Excellent tips, I do mine similar- love that we are both a little OCD! So I know you are an OG stylist and love to express yourself through fashion, how would you describe your style and if you could wear one outfit everyday for the rest of your life what would it be?

LN: Gahhhh that question is always so hard! My personal style I always say is classic with a twist. But if I had to have one uniform? I would say my go-to is a lightweight sweatshirt with a cropped trouser pant or wide leg denim, a pointed toe kitten heel and layered gold necklaces, my grandmother’s rings (that I never take off) and a pair of really great gold hoop earrings. Now I’m super interested, you have such cool girl style- same two questions back at you!

LB: I guess I would describe my style as effortless cool girl, with a little bit of grunge. I just love a 90’s look! If I could live in one outfit everyday it would be a fitted black tank top, my most favorite and the most comfortable pair of denim. Mom or dad jeans kind of vibe, and my favorite pair of boots or sneakers. I would add small gold hoops and a gold chain to complete the look. I get fashion inspiration through Kate Moss, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. Who are your style /fashion icons?

LN: Oh goood call. I will forever love Kate Moss! She makes bad girls club chic a real thing… and Jane Birkin and her basket bag will always be major inspo! I love everything Leandra Medine touches, says and wears on her body haha but my OG fashion icons will always be Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Since day one they’ve been trend setting better than anyone I know so I’ll forever be a fan! Maybe being twins they have magic fashion powers or something. I think we’re one step away from developing those too if you ask me!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

LB: I love that! We are totally channeling those Olsen twin vibes. Do you think us having the same name only amplifies our powers? Because I think it definitely does.

LN: Oh 100%. Dynamic duo for SURE! Love you and thankful for you Lauryn!

LB: Love you always!!!

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