Q&A With Austinite Bee, Gracie

What’s your ideal day in Austin look like? Morning walk with my dog, Bear, to Swedish Hill for a coffee and scone. I love staying active with friends so picking up a little tennis game or going on a walk around Town Lake is a must. Then margs and a large bob’s (IYKYK) at Matt’s El Rancho.

Where has the best Taco in all of ATX? Veracruz

What local businesses do you love supporting? Can’t pick just one!! 

  • Mycro is a really cool Austin company that sells mushroom-infused honey. 
  • Wonderkind Co. is a really cool food and beverage agency in Austin. Give them a follow, their clients are so cool! 
  • Cou Skincare makes the most amazing tanning drops – a must for this summer.

Best place for a sweet treat? Amy’s, of course! 

Best cocktail in town? Ghost ’em Girl from nightcap – yummiest marg with ghost pepper nectar and sweet hibiscus. 

What do you do? I work in Partner Marketing for an amazing Ecommerce SAAS platform called BigCommerce. I work with partners like Facebook and Instagram and help merchants using our platform understand how to be successful on new social selling platforms. 

How do you stay creative? I love a good DIY project and I’m always redecorating my house. It’s so fun to create spaces that reflect how you feel, what you’re interested in, and supports your lifestyle. Those things are always changing which is why my house looks different about every 2 months (lol). 

What’s your favorite thing about ATX? Being born and raised in Austin is such a treat. I tried to leave back in 2019 to Nashville but was back in 10 month (stil love Nashville but moved back for work). I think my favorite thing about Austin is how much it feels like home. I can’t see myself anywhere else. ❤ 

What’s your fashion mantra? Wear what makes you happy! If I’m comfortable and confident in my outfit, it doesn’t really matter if it’s “on trend” or not. 

What’s your morning routine? Wake up, and have some me-time before work which usually consists of skincare, a walk with Bear, and making breakfast. Then I put makeup on and clean up around the house so I’m ready for work – usually while listening to a podcast. I work from home for now which has been so great for balancing personal life and work life.

Who is your fashion inspiration? I know everyone says this but Hailey Bieber. I love how casual and relaxed she is. She inspires me to play with my outfits and mix and match workwear with weekend wear.

What’s your favorite trend currently? Workwear – I love that workwear options are on-trend, and working from home makes it so easy to relax the style a bit. Mixing work shorts with fun tennis shoes or an oversized button-up with biker shorts is my outfit recipe most days. 

What’s a must have in your wardrobe? Tennis shoes! Even when I was working in the office, I love having a comfortable but cute pair of shoes to support me throughout the day. Plus, it makes it easier for me to take the occasional ‘mental health walk’ as I like to call it. 🙂 

What do you like to do for fun outside of work? I love trying new things with friends – something I’ve been wanting to try is a pottery class. Mud Studio just opened up in Austin, I think that’s my next activity. 🙂 

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